STET finalized acquisition.

STET finalized acquisition.
28 January 2024 pierre

Logo StetAs major players of the French and European payment ecosystem, STET and joined their respective expertise to offer new value-added services linked to payment transactions.

In a world that requires more secure payments, the acquisition of by STET will allow to combine the expertise of a messaging protocol associated with IBAN checks with a robust infrastructure processing retail and instant payments, aiming at providing resilient and high-performance capabilities to fight against fraud.

Pierre-Antoine Vacheron, Chairman of STET Board, declared: “The acquisition of contributes to the diversification of STET’s business mix and strengthens its role as a major European player with the upcoming European regulations on Instant Payments and IBAN name check. I am confident that STET and will find new opportunities to accelerate their respective growth.”

As a subsidiary of STET, will proceed with its 10-year mission to provide interbank services in France and abroad, facilitating the exchange of transactions between companies, customers and banks. is a secure messaging service built on an open architecture with two main services: SEPAmail AIGUE-MARINE (account switching transfer) and SEPAmail DIAMOND (IBAN name check).

STET is Europe’s largest payment exchange and settlement platform with more than 30 billion transactions processed in 2023. As such, STET is a certified operator, recognized for its performance and its resilience. STET offers financial institutions in the SEPA area a wide range of payment services: clearing and settlement, real time solutions (including card authorizations), tokenization, as well as fraud prevention tools.

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