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Payment Service Provider (PSP) enrolment process is a French SAS (simplified joint-stock company) that owns, develops and optimises the SEPAmail standard to allow its Members to use and market the applications it offers in compliance with the standard. is also a Certifying Authority that guarantees the security of the interactions that use this standard.

In addition, is a community of Members based on mutual trust, from a technical, legal, security, and banking standpoint. To use any of the applications, PSPs must join directly, since the preservation of trust means subcontracting is not permitted.

To join, you must:

  • Be a PSP in the euro area
  • Intend to use or market at least one of’s applications
  • Join the Member Community

Joining a 5-step process

  • Application submitted (letter of intent and annual report)
  • Service agreement and membership agreement dispatched
  • Review of the PSP’s application
  • Entry fee invoice sent
  • Service agreement signed and invoice paid by the Applicant
  • Access to the Test and Training platform (if applicable)
  • Applicant certification process: approval of the technical package and successful completion of the certification process (connectivity, protocol, business aspects)
  • Confirmation of membership
  • Membership contract signed before launch
  • Annual membership invoice sent (if applicable)
  • Contact information and database information provided and registered
  • Go/No-go for launch
  • Notification to other Members


The Applicant must carry out a certain number of actions within their organisation (depending on the application: organisational and technical workshops, selecting points of contact, negotiating bilateral conditions with other PSPs) during the application process and before the launch of the service. Commercial relationships with other entities are negotiated between the two partners, outside of

As part of the certification process, Members must either develop their own solution using the standard or adopt a solution that has already been developed by a referenced service provider or by another certified Member.

Membership application form

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