About SEPAmail

SEPAmail is a secure messaging system with an open architecture that uses an online network for ease of access. It is based on a standard that allows members to exchange digital information in complete security.

Only authorised payment service providers (PSPs) can join SEPAmail, keeping the system secure and creating a climate of trust for the end customer.

Information can be sent digitally thanks to connections between the member networks and the routing of messages through SEPAmail missives, using the banking networks’ (online banking) BIC and QXBAN (SEPAmail routing address) codes as their SIS (SEPAmail identity statement).

Interactions are completely secure and protected by several means of authentication (keys, tokens, etc.) so that no unencrypted information is ever sent over the network.

A secure and multi-channel messaging service…

Economic entity identified by its QXBAN (QXBAN 1)

…with added value.

Schema QX BAN identification

SEPAmail.eu is expanding across Europe. Every European PSP already uses messaging, XML, European ISO standards, and PDFs, and they all use the euro. In short, they already know how to use SEPAmail!

Many of our current members are multinational companies and are extending our network beyond French borders.