AIGUE-MARINE: Change bank with ease!


SEPAmail AIGUE MARINE addresses the need expressed by the government, especially as defined by the « Loi Macron », to facilitate bank account switching, for individuals current accounts.

It is an automated switching system, simple and free for all persons entitled to regulated account switching.

How does it work?

When a customer wishes to open an account by a new PSP today, he must transfer the funds, warn the recurring creditors’ issuers (employer, tenants…) and the recurring debtor’s issuers (utilities, taxes…) and so on.

The SEPAmail AIGUE-MARINE application digitalises all these operations and, as defined by the « Loi Macron », entitles everyone to a free, automated and paperless account switching.

This system ensures the switching of all standing debits and credits orders issued on the customer’s previous account. The process is thus simplified: the customer only needs to sign a switching mandate, to allow his new PSP to handle the whole processing.

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